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Student Environmental Initiative We are a group of students of a all kinds of subjects that are commited to the protection of our world and the building of a sustainable future. We know that the protection of our environment starts right here on our doorstep: That is why we want a campus that is sustainable,…

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You can find us in our office if you have questions about an URV (lecture series), if you have ideas, if you want to buy office stuff or if you just want to drop by for a chat:   Tuesdays, 18.30  in the Stura Baracke (in the living room) or in our garden behind the…

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What is a URV: our lecture series

Photo by Markus Spiske (CC BY 2.0) For 20 years, the tuuwi is organizing Umweltringvorlesungen (URV) (environmental lecture series) to sensitize students for the complex of environmental issues and expose them to scientific facts. Since 2001 the tuuwi is realizing the teaching assignment of the Kommission Umwelt and is especially concerned about familiarizing the students…

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