We are a group of students of a all kinds of subjects that are commited to the protection of our world and the building of a sustainable future. We know that the protection of our environment starts right here on our doorstep: That is why we want a campus that is sustainable, that uses natural resources in the sense of eco-sufficiency and where the environment is a focus topic.

To achieve this we are working on a variety of projects, e.g. in our garden, in groups about using renewable energies on the campus (UniSolar), about paper recycling or the food choices offered in the cafeteria. You can find tips and info about environmental-friendly daily routines in the ULF and at our movie nights you can watch interestings films about all kind hot topics.

You can find most of our projects, terminated and current, under „Projects“.

A focus of our work is on education. The 35000 students of TUD will soon be teachers, engineers, managers and politicians and will significantly codetermine the development of our societey. Our aim is to sensitize them to ecological topics and communicate environmentally relevant knowledge. Therefore we regularly offer weekly lecture series (Umweltringvorlesungen (URV)) in the context of „studium generale“ (general studies) and organize informative events and compact seminars like the days for eco-social market economy („Hochschultage für ökosoziale Marktwirtschaft“ ). You can find our educational programm here.

To push on our actions and projects, we need your support: The tuuwi is open to all and is happy about anyone who wants to join us or has new ideas. With us you can apply and extend your knowledge from your studies and get in touch with likeminded students.

So come one and join us! Protecting our environment concerns us all and is not only a question of the survival of a rare tadpole but also of global and intergenerativ justice.