We are a group of TU Dresden students from all disciplines and semesters who are committed to climate justice.

Tipping points, socio-ecological crisis and endless growth vs. planetary boundaries – we are all aware that holistic climate and environmental protection is the basis of our future. That’s why we at TU Dresden are committed to sustainability, social transformation and the responsible use of resources – on campus and beyond!

You’ve probably already heard about our environmental film evenings or discovered one of our book cells on campus; but we’re also working behind the scenes to make the canteen more climate-friendly or to establish sustainability officers in your student council! More about all our projects in the menu item What we do!

Where can we be found everywhere? The tuuwi internally and externally

A key focus of our commitment is in the area of environmental education: The 32,000 students will soon be teachers, engineers, managers and politicians and in these positions will play a key role in shaping the development of our society. Our aim is therefore to sensitise them to socio-ecological issues during their studies and to impart knowledge relevant to climate and the environment. As part of the studium generale, we therefore offer regular environmental ring lectures (URVs) on a wide range of topics. You can earn 3 ETCS points per URV. If you have collected at least 8 points from at least four courses, including at least one tuuwi course, you will receive the studium oecologicum as an official certificate.

We are by no means new at the TU, as the tuuwi was founded back in 1989! Out of a desire for detailed, scientifically based environmental education and dissatisfaction with the lack of or inadequate environmental policy, university groups that had previously been acting alone came together to form tuuwi.

Even though the founding generations have long since graduated and are now working in ‘green’ professions all over the world, the construct they created is still alive today. New students have taken their place, picking up on the visions and projects from back then, continuing them and sometimes even rethinking them from scratch. To mark the occasion, a large-scale 30-year celebration week was organised in 2019.

However, tuuwi is not ‘just’ a platform for pursuing common goals for a better world, but also a fun community and the basis of many friendships. Commitment unites us, so we spend a lot of time together privately in addition to our plenary sessions and project meetings.

With our summer and winter get-togethers, we go out into nature twice a year for 2-3 days to think about the goals for the coming (half) year, get to know new and old tuuwis even better and simply have a great time together.

On the other hand, the tuuwi is also a place for self-realisation. Designing, organising, initiating and tackling; you can learn and realise many things that are not part of your studies or are neglected here, from and with us. And where else can such a broad spectrum of all semesters and degree programmes come together? That’s what we call interdisciplinarity and creates synergies! 😉

So don’t hesitate, get involved. Climate and environmental protection concern us all and are not just a question of the survival of rare tadpole species, but of global and intergenerational justice.

Curious? Just come around to one of our weekly meetings:

Every tuesday, 18:30 in the Stura-Baracke      (across the HSZ, George-Bähr-Str. 1e)