Unusual Coffee Table: Science Café with TUD-UNU FLORES PhDs

Not all usual courses hold the chance to get in touch with research that tries to connect local and global phenomena. But that is highly necessary to understand the meaning and importance of studying at a university like TUD.

In the lecture series “7 Billion Chances” we opened up the room for discussion once again: By involving PhD students of the United Nations University/TUD and the audience of the course. And not in a frontal lecture but in a Science Café, a real atmosphere for conversation.

5 different tables, 5 different fields of research, 4 covered SDGs (e.g. Life on Land, Water) and 6 motivated PhD students! It was a chance to gain main insights in research and science as well as to have a discussion about all kinds of questions one can have about the disparity of global and local .

Thank you very much for having taken part!

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